Africa needs to be bold with its focus on PhD training

As those who know me will testify, I have long believed in the importance of investing not just in broad educational work, but also in high-level, advanced science.

This week in Mauritius, I had the privilege to do just that, as the Planet Earth Institute (Foundation) in Mauritius launched its first 10 PhD Awards.

Under the Patronage of HE President Gurib-Fakim, our visionary Vice-Chairman, there first award winners will go on to study advanced research in areas key to our economies (Energy/water and sanitation/health/agri-business).

It was my pleasure to hand out the awards and I wish the winners all the very best of luck in their studies – we will do everything to support them and their ideas and I look forward to seeing their successes!

First winners are announced

First winners are announced.

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