Alongside my business interests, I am involved with a number of wonderful charities and philanthropic organisations, particularly on areas of science, education and youth development.

I am the proud Chairman of the young and fast-growing Planet Earth Institute, a pan-African charity with the vision of the scientific independence of Africa, to be achieved through higher education, technology and advocacy. I regularly speak on issues of science, technology and innovation as part of the PEI’s campaigning work, and I’ve been delighted with the recent shift in how these issues are view by governments in Africa and around the world. Our higher education projects, developing a series of PhD Centres across the continent, are now also getting off the ground.

Dr Sobrinho speaks at the AU Office to the United Nations

Alvaro Sobrinho speaking alongside United Nations Special Adviser Ms Amina Mohammed and PEI Trustee Lord Boateng

Since 2012, I have been involved as a donor and supporter of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, which has a long-track record of helping young people in Africa and around the world find the confidence and skills they need to succeed.


Dr Sobrinho with President Jacob Zuma and HRH Prince Edward

I am involved in the GAVI Alliance, working to provide life-saving immunisations in Africa and around the world, and was delighted in 2014 to meet with their senior team in Davos in 2014 to help shape the future projects in Africa, with the ever inspiring Bill Gates.

Dr Alvaro Sobrinho with Bill Gates and senior members of the GAVI Alliance

Dr Alvaro Sobrinho with Bill Gates and senior members of the GAVI Alliance alongside UK International Development Secretary Rt Hon Justine Greening MP

Finally, and importantly, I am also the patron of the Meninos do Mussulo (Children of Mussolo) project in my home, Luanda. After just one year’s fundraising we have been able to build a new multi-purpose centre for children whole currently live on the street. The project will open in December 2013 and will support over 1500 local children, helping give them a better start and a brighter future.


Photograph from the fundraising book launched for Meninos do Mussulo